Thank you for taking time to go through this assessment. We believe it will be a valuable tool to help each of us determine how God has equipped us to fulfill his purpose for our lives in the church, community, and to the ends of the earth. Our four priorities at Riverwood are as follows:

• Pursue Jesus

• Make Disciples

• Grow Together

• Serve Others

SHAPE will help you know how your Spiritual Gifts,  passions (Heart), talents (Abilities), Personality, and Experiences work together to bring the best glory to God. We are asking for every Christ-follower at Riverwood to take this assessment during the month of July. We will then score them and follow up by contacting you to talk about mission and ministry opportunities that meet your design and shape. On August 6, we will be offering a Ministry Fair between services, and following the third service, helping us to see the need both, inside the church and in our community

Take the S.H.A.P.E. here

RightNow Media

A customize-able video library for everyone in our Church.  You will receive free subscription to biblical teaching video resources from leading Christian publishers and ministries and unlimited access to an enormous library of entertaining and educational Bible-based content just for kids.  You can watch content from your TV, desktop, laptop, Roku, iPhone and iPad app.

Click here to register for access to over 14,000 Bible study videos.

Building Use

At Riverwood we are excited to share with others the resources that God has given us both for ministry and personal use. Unfortunately to cover costs there may be a small fee involved with using the building for personal use. Please contact Beth Grootegoed, 330.678.7000 ext 123, for more information.  Click here to submit a request to use the building.

These facilities are open for use for all who attend Riverwood. The facilities may not be used for any event where money is being transferred such as home shopping parties, fund raiser, etc.. Alcohol is not permitted at any event. Please note that Riverwood Ministry use takes priority over rooms being used for personal use.