Rest | Ruth 3

Ruth finds hope for rest in Boaz her redeemer.

What If… | Ruth 2

As the second chapter opens in the book of Ruth the narrator gives us a hint about the man Boaz, and as we read he challenges us as followers of God in our words we use, the compassion we are to show, and the generosity we offer to those who wander into our lives. May our actions make great the God in whom we know.

The Decision: Turn Back or Go | Ruth 1

There are times in our lives when we need to make important, life-changing decisions. Three widows, Naomi, Ruth and Orpah, knew this reality well. Today's portion of the story of Ruth shows us that when life seems hopeless and we are in despair, we can choose the road that leads to Yahweh and trust in his sovereignty.

Two Gates | Matt 7

Jesus is heading closer to the finish of the sermon on the mount that he gave and really wanting his listeners to wrestle with one big question... “What do I do with what I just heard?” A moment of decision with the metaphor of gates and paths.

Ask, Seek, Knock | Matt 7

In the sermon on the mount Jesus now gives his listeners words to encourage them in the disappointments, frustrations, and fears of a fallen world. It is in these moments where we all wonder where to turn, or what to do. Jesus in the sermon on the mount says to his followers… call me father, and ask over and over for what you need and I will provide. May we all learn the power of persistence in going to our God in prayer.

Righteous Prayers | Matt 6

As we follow Jesus through the Sermon on the Mount he is now addressing the question, “How does one practice their faith?” This week his answer is prayer, but not like the hypocrites of his time, but an urgency to spend time with our heavenly Father in secret.