Joel | Minor Prophets

The Decision: Turn Back or Go | Ruth 1

There are times in our lives when we need to make important, life-changing decisions. Three widows, Naomi, Ruth and Orpah, knew this reality well. Today's portion of the story of Ruth shows us that when life seems hopeless and we are in despair, we can choose the road that leads to Yahweh and trust in his sovereignty.

Back in the Day | Ruth 1

We begin a journey through the book of Ruth and in our first week we see the setting of a story in the time of the judges. A story set in conflict, and then as we begin a story that is even more painful. The story is one of real life, and even the difficulties of our lives that make us wonder if God has abandoned us, but what we see is that there is hope when you walk with God.

Anxiousness | Matt 6

Jesus continues in speaking to the subjects of life that distract us from our faith. Last week it was the excessive wanting of things, this week the worries of life. Jesus’ antidote is to seek the greater, the kingdom of God and when we do all of the lesser things of life will be added.