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Current Opportunities to Serve (Fall 2021)

Kids Ministry

-9:45 Nursery Volunteer (every other week)
-9:45 Nursery Substitute (as needed)
-9:45 Preschool (4s) Teacher (every other week) (2x)
-9:45 Preschool (4s) Assistant (every other week) (2x)
-9:45 Elementary Teacher Substitute (as needed)
-9:45 Elementary Assistant Substitute (as needed)
-9:45 Preschool Teacher Substitute (as needed)
-9:45 Preschool Assistant Substitute (as needed)
-11:15 Nursery Volunteer (every other week)
-11:15 Nursery Substitute
-11:15 Elementary Teacher (every other week) (2x)
-11:15 Elementary Assistant (every other week) (2x)
-Child Care Workers (various times)
-New Families Check In Station Worker Substitute (as needed)

Contact Christina Gordon

Middle School Ministry (5th-8th grade)

-Junior High (7-8) 9:45 am Sunday School Teacher (1-2 times a month)
-6th Grade Boys Small Group Leader (Wednesdays)
-7th Grade Boys Small Group Leader (Wednesdays)
-5th Grade Girls Small Group Leader (Wednesdays)
-6th Grade Girls Small Group Leader (Wednesdays)
-8th Grade Girls Small Group Leader (Wednesdays)
-Middle School Night Games Leader (Wednesdays)

Contact Josh Miller

High School Ministry

-HS Welcoming Team Volunteer
-HS Social Media/Visual Arts Team

Contact Gary Congin

Sports Ministry

-Referee Team

Contact Jeff Haynes

Caring for our Church Family

-Moving Team
-Transportation Team (for doctor’s appointments, to services, delivering groceries, etc.)
-Cleaning Team (when a church member needs help at home)
-Landscaping Team
-Meal Providers
-Card Ministry
-Long term Care/encouragement

Contact Kathi Grissom

First Impressions Team

-Café Crew
-Medical Response Team
-Emergency Response Team

Contact Maggie Kirbabas

Outreach Care Team

-Food Pantry Volunteer Team
-Funeral Dinner Team
-Nursing Home Visitation Team
-Rides to Riverwood

Contact Sarah Cord


-Audio Visual Team

Contact Bob Pinchot

Prayer Ministry Team

-Sunday Morning Prayer Partner
-Sunday Morning Prayer Team Leader

Contact Maggie Kirbabas


-Painting Team

Contact Cindy Bowser

S.H.A.P.E. Assessment

We believe it will be a valuable tool to help each of us determine how God has equipped us to fulfill his purpose for our lives.

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