The End of Words | Matt 7

Jesus has come to the end of his words, the last ones he shares in the sermon on the mount is a parable about building our lives on rock or on sand. Those who hear his words and do them are building on rock, those who hear his words and do nothing are building on sand. May we be building a firm foundation on Christ Jesus.

An Invitation to Know | Matt 7

In the next-to-last week in the Sermon on the Mount series, we explore a warning from Jesus himself that not everyone who calls him “Lord” will enter the kingdom of heaven. But within this passage, we also realize that there is an incredible invitation here to know him more, and realize that Jesus is for us and with us.

Beware | Matt 7

Jesus speaks this week about wolves and sheep, good trees and bad trees, a conversation about the different spiritual voices in our lives that have the ability to influence in positive and negative ways. His encouragement to us is to trust that we can know these voices by their fruit.

Two Gates | Matt 7

Jesus is heading closer to the finish of the sermon on the mount that he gave and really wanting his listeners to wrestle with one big question... “What do I do with what I just heard?” A moment of decision with the metaphor of gates and paths.

Ask, Seek, Knock | Matt 7

In the sermon on the mount Jesus now gives his listeners words to encourage them in the disappointments, frustrations, and fears of a fallen world. It is in these moments where we all wonder where to turn, or what to do. Jesus in the sermon on the mount says to his followers… call me father, and ask over and over for what you need and I will provide. May we all learn the power of persistence in going to our God in prayer.

Judge Not | Matt 7

This week Jesus in the sermon on the mount continues to warn his followers of what can detract and derail their walk with God. While we hold opinions on many things and topics, Jesus warns about crossing over to levying judgments on others that are rooted in pride in the heart.

Anxiousness | Matt 6

Jesus continues in speaking to the subjects of life that distract us from our faith. Last week it was the excessive wanting of things, this week the worries of life. Jesus’ antidote is to seek the greater, the kingdom of God and when we do all of the lesser things of life will be added.

Treasured Treasures | Matt 6

Jesus continues in the Sermon on the Mount, warning his followers that there are distractions and detours in our journey with Jesus Christ. The first one he wants to address are the treasures of this world that so easily grab our hearts.

Righteous Fasting | Matt 6

Jesus speaks to the third way we can practice our faith in Matthew 6... fasting. “Do not do it like the hypocrites do but in secret." A challenge for all who call themselves Christian to deny themselves in this physical world to then connect with God.

Righteous Prayers | Matt 6

As we follow Jesus through the Sermon on the Mount he is now addressing the question, “How does one practice their faith?” This week his answer is prayer, but not like the hypocrites of his time, but an urgency to spend time with our heavenly Father in secret.