Rides to Riverwood

How It Works


Rides provides transportation to those in Kent and those to the west of Main Street in Ravenna.


Rides provides transportation to the 9:45am service and the 11:15am service. Riders must stay both services or riders must provide their own ride home if they plan to only stay one service. Riders who leave after the 9:45am service need to inform someone at the Welcome Center so that Rides’ Drivers can be informed. Riders are encouraged to attend the women’s or the men’s class during the 9:45am service and worship during the 11:15am service.

New Riders

Contact Rides to Riverwood at 330.678.7000 ext. 5

New riders (those who have used Rides to Riverwood for less than one month) must call by Friday at 6:00 pm to receive a ride the following Sunday. Riders must call to cancel by 8am on Sunday morning if they are not coming on the Sunday they are scheduled to attend.

When the driver arrives at the residency, the rider will need to acknowledge the driver within five minutes. The driver will need to leave if the rider fails to acknowledge the driver within this timeframe.