Akkin People

Things to know:

How to pray:

  • Pray that God would send laborers to the Akkin and that they would find loving ways to be present among them.
  • Pray that the Lord would prepare and show the laborer a “Person of Peace” in the Akkin culture.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would break through to openhearted people in the culture.
  • Pray for known and unknown Akkin people in other countries to have open hearts and seek truth.

Augustine Theological Institute

Arab World Evangelical Ministers Association: AWEMA works to equip and encourage the indigenous believers in Arab countries to have a united and effective Christian presence through outreach, educational, and edifying ministries.

Augustine Theological Institute: There is a great need in the Arab world for qualified church leaders and workers who are well founded in the word of God. The goal is to give Arab leaders comprehensive theological, spiritual, and ministry training. ATI has several locations throughout the Arab World.

Missionary Bios — Updated 2022

Missionaries We Support Around the World

Mickey serves with China Outreach Ministries working with scholars at Kent State University.

COM is committed to sharing Christ’s love and truth with Chinese scholars and researchers at universities in North America.

Riverwood has partnered with Del Rey Ministries to raise up and support Dominicans and Haitians as they minister in the sugarcane villages of the Dominican Republic. The goal is to equip pastors with the tools they need to minister in the sugarcane villages, to make disciples of the Gospel, to be a house-church leader in their village and to plant churches.

John and Jane represent those who serve in security sensitive areas to share the gospel with unreached people.

Jenny is an aircraft mechanic with MMS Aviation

(Missionary Maintenance Service) in Coshocton, OH.

Aviation plays a vital role in missions throughout the world. Driving may mean days of travel through unsafe roads or conflict zones. In some cases driving is not even possible and aviation is the only means of accessing villages.

Together with the other mechanics Jenny repairs, modifies, and maintains the missionary airplanes that are brought to MMS by various other Christian organizations.  She also with apprentices as well, training them for service in the mission field as aircraft mechanics or pilot/mechanics.

The Tellos serve in Italy where less than 1% have a personal relationship with Christ. They are serving with TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) as part of the Bologna Initiative.

Jon & Erika are primarily involved in arts ministry and anti-human sex trafficking ministry in Italy.


Jon creates visual and design assets to assist teams in their mission to establish healthy reproducing churches.  He works directly with the local community using art as a platform to build relationships and share Christ.


Erika is the Founder and Director of Alleanza Tesori Raggianti, a national alliance of evangelical ministries combating commercial sexual exploitation in Italy.


Visit the family’s website (www.tellosblog.com) for more information.

Daniel, Jennifer, and their three children serve in the Czech Republic with Greater Europe Mission. They are focusing on hospitality ministry, discipleship, and church planting. They have a passion for sustainable ministry and are excited to serve alongside, learn from, and support the locals in what God is doing the Czech Republic.