What & Why

What is a Life Group?

A Life Group consists of 10-14 believers who have committed to following Jesus together, meeting regularly to study the Bible, pray, and care for each other.

Why should I join a Life Group?

The short answer is to have the full “church” experience. Only in smaller groups can we really connect at meaningful levels as we follow Jesus. Joining a Life Group is the best way to continue to grow closer to Jesus.

Join a Group

Types of Life Groups:

  • mixed gender groups,
  • men’s groups and women’s groups.
  • some groups with child care built-in.

Get connected to a Life Group:

  • call the Riverwood Office at 330.678.700
  • or email to info@riverwoodchapel.org

Already in a Life Group?

Leaders and group members, CLICK HERE to access your life group page to see your group calendar or contact other group members.