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UNBELIEVABLE! - The Skeptic's Guide to Faith

  • Jesus Rose from the Dead? - UNBELIEVABLE!

    April 21, 2019, 2019

    To the skeptic, one of the most unbelievable parts of the Christian faith is celebrated every Easter – the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This wee we ask the question: "How do sensible and intelligent people believe this to be true?"

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  • Is There a God? - UNBELIEVABLE?

    April 28, 2019

    The Apostle Paul said that the truths of God’s existence are “plain” for all to see and experience – from simple motion to design, morality, and rich meaning to life.  We can use these evidences to engage our culture and world in a significant conversation.

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  • The Bible is true? - unbelievable!

    May 5, 2019

    Can reasonable people believe the Bible is reliable and  true? This week we look at the question of the Bible's reliability. What evidence is there (internally, externally, experientially) that this book is unique among all other books?

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  • Evil World and a Good God? - Unbelievable!

    May 12, 2019

    One of the most unbelievable parts of the Christian faith is our belief that in the midst of pain and suffering, our God is still good and in control.  Do reasonable and intelligent people really believe this to be true?

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