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Sermon on the Mount - words of life in the Kingdom of God

  • The Poor In Spirit

    Matthew 5:1-3

    January 12, 2020

    The Sermon on the Mount is the most famous sermon ever delivered to human ears. Jesus retreats to a mountain to speak about the kingdom of heaven right here on earth. What comes out of his mouth are words that will challenge what it means to be a true Christian. The starting point is the poor in spirit.

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  • those who mourn

    matthew 5:4

    january 19, 2020

    In the second Beatitude Jesus asks his followers to mourn and those who do will be comforted. Even though we avoid the topic and run to our “happy place”, this is a clear call for Christ followers to walk through the process of mourning their sin and brokenness.

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  • the meek

    matthew 5:5

    january 26, 2020

    In Matthew 5:5, Jesus says, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” Meekness, defined here as “power under control”, is the character of the Kingdom of God, and of Christ himself. It is also the character that increasingly takes root in the lives of those who follower Christ as his Kingdom bearers. Jesus invites us to discover the life of those who inherit the earth.

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  • those who hunger and thirst

    matthew 5:6

    february 2, 2020

    In the fourth Beatitude, Jesus speaks at a level that all humans relate – of hunger and thirst. Spiritually we are to hunger and thirst for righteousness. This is what our soul is longing for that will ultimately bring satisfaction.

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  • the merciful

    matthew 5:7

    feberary 9, 2020

    Jesus is building upon the beatitudes week after week. Now we get to a conversation about mercy which is giving help to those who are in misery. May God open our eyes to see people in pain and may our hearts be transformed to offer mercy.

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  • the pure in heart

    matthew 5:8

    february 16, 2020

    In the sixth Beatitude, Jesus challenges his followers to be pure in heart for they shall see God. The heart is a difficult discussion that is personal and private, yet this is the place that Jesus wants to address. He knows that in order to truly bring change in to one’s life, you must begin here.

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  • the peacemakers

    matthew 5:9

    February 23, 2020

    In the seventh Beatitude, Jesus makes it clear that we are to be peacemakers in this life. What that means is that we will take an active role in entering in to the conflict and chaos of others to bring about a life-giving peace.

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  • the persecuted

    matthew 5: 10-11

    march 1, 2020

    The eighth beatitude ties all of the previous together as Jesus speaks about the reality of persecution for the sake of righteousness. As we align our lives with Jesus we will be hared by the world.

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  • salt and light

    matthew  5: 13-16

    march 8, 2020

    Right after the beatitudes, Jesus gives his followers two important metaphors describing who they are salt and light. Jesus uses these to challenge his listeners to enter into the spiritual darkness and decay of this world.

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  • christ came to fulfill the law

    matthew 5: 17-20

    march 15, 2020

    Jesus helps us answer the question "How do I navigate life?" In a world where there are so many choices and decisions, Jesus Christ is the one in whom we turn to not religion, but a relationship with him.

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  • Anger

    matthew 5: 21-26

    march 22, 2020

    As we navigate life, there will be many obstacles along the way. Jesus knows one of these obstacles is anger, and so he addresses it in the Sermon on the Mount. Anger is a major problem for all of us, but it gives God the opportunity to sanctify the deepest parts of us and causes us to rely on Jesus’s righteousness.

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  • the gift of intimacy

    matthew 5:27-30

    march 29, 2020

    In Matthew 5:27-30, Jesus is talking about the architecture of our imagination and hearts. This weekend we will look deeply into the heart of a God who wants to restore us not just the level of actions or thoughts, but wants to re-orient and re-architect the nature of our hearts. Because there is nothing better we can offer this world than a fully formed Christian imagination.

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  • the heart of marriage

    matthew 5:31-32

    april 5, 2020

    This week Jesus speaks to marriage and the difficult topic of divorce. He wants us to hear his heart for what is to be permanent in a world and culture that sees marriage as more temporary.

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    APRIL 12, 2020

    In our world right now mankind is facing a fear and an anxiety that we have never experienced before. All of this leads to a hopelessness that we cannot find on our own. It is the story and reality of Easter that comes along and gives the hope we need. May our faith be found in Christ alone!

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  • an eye for an eye

    matthew 5:38-48

    april 19, 2020

    Jesus comes to a part of the sermon on the mount that answers the question “how are we to react to those who are angry with us?” The answers are found in showing mercy and loving others.

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  • righteous giving

    matthew 6:1-4

    april 26, 2020

    In the first verses of Matthew 6, Jesus begins to answer the question about how we are to practice our faith and what should it look like. The first topic is our generosity to those in need, may we be merciful givers as our Heavenly Father is a merciful and generous giver.

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  • righteous prayers

    matthew 6:5-15

    may 3, 2020

    As we follow Jesus through the sermon on the mount He is now addressing the question, “how does one practice their faith?” This week His answer is prayer, but not like the hypocrites of his time, but an urgency to spend time with our Heavenly Father in secret.

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  • righteous fasting

    matthew 6:16-18

    may 10, 2020

    Jesus speaks to the third way we can practice our faith in Matthew 6... fasting. “Do not do it like the hypocrites do but in secret”. A challenge for all who call themselves a Christian to deny themselves in this physical world to then connect with God.

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  • treasured treasures

    matthew 6:19-24

    may 17, 2020

    Jesus continues in the sermon on the mount, warning his followers that there are distractions and detours in our journey with Jesus Christ. The first one he wants to address are the treasures of this world that so easily grab our hearts.

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  • anxiousness

    Matthew 6:25-34

    may 24, 2020

    Jesus continues in speaking to the subjects of life that distract us from our faith. Last week it it was the excessive wanting of things, this week the worries of life. Jesus’ antidote is to seek the greater, the kingdom of God and when we do all of the lesser things of life will be added.

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  • judge not

    matthew 7:1-6

    may 31, 2020

    This week Jesus in the sermon on the mount continues to warn his followers of what can detract and derail their walk with God. While we hold opinions on many things and topics, Jesus warns about crossing over to levying judgments on others that are rooted in pride in the heart.

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  • ask, seek, knock

    matthew 7:7-11

    June 7, 2020

    In the sermon on the mount Jesus now gives his listeners words to encourage them in the disappointments, frustrations, and fears of a fallen world. It is in these moments where we all wonder where to turn, or what to do. Jesus in the sermon on the mount says to his followers… call me father, and ask over and over for what you need and I will provide. May we all learn the power of persistence in going to our God in prayer.

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  • two gates

    matthew 7:13-14

    june 14, 2020

    Jesus is heading closer to the finish of the sermon on the mount that he gave and really wanting his listeners to wrestle with one big question... “What do I do with what I just heard?”, a moment of decision with the metaphor of gates and paths.

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  • beware - know them by their fruit

    matthew 7:15-20

    june 21, 2020

    Jesus speaks this week about wolves and sheep, good trees and bad trees, a conversation about the different spiritual voices in our lives that have the ability to influence in positive and negative ways. His encouragement to us is to trust that we can know these voices by their fruit.

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  • an invitation to know

    matthew 7:21-23

    june 28, 2020

    In the next-to-last week in the Sermon on the Mount series, we explore a warning from Jesus himself that not everyone who calls him “Lord” will enter the kingdom of heaven. But within this passage, we also realize that there is an incredible invitation here to know him more, and realize that Jesus is for us and with us.

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  • the end of words

    matthew 7:24-29

    july 5, 2020

    Jesus has come to the end of his words, the last ones he shares in the sermon on the mount is a parable about building our lives on rock or on sand. Those who hear his words and do them are building on rock, those who hear his words and do nothing are building on sand. May we be building a firm foundation on Christ Jesus.

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