Widsom on Laziness

In the world we live, it can be difficult to find the proper “motivation” to honor the Lord in the “realities” that we face each day. The reality of work, the reality of being a spouse, the reality of being a parent and what hurts us often is the thread of being “lazy”. The Proverbs have much to teach us about what is honoring to the Lord in the area of being a “sluggard” that we desperately need to pay attention to.

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Wisdom on Anger

Walking with Jesus in the every day means not only walking with him daily, but in those often mundane details of every day. This includes emotions. One emotion that can be positive or negative depending on how we feel and behave is anger. In Wisdom on Anger we look at how wisdom answers two questions; 1) what made Jesus angry, and 2) How can we better manage/control our own anger?

Wisdom on Words

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits." Proverbs 18:21

Wisdom on Wealth

Whether we are young or old, we all feel that tension between greed and generosity. The wisdom of Proverbs presses us to "honor the Lord with our wealth" – to be generous as God is generous to us each and every day.

Wisdom on Friendship Part Two

God’s Wisdom on Friendship from the book of Proverbs: A true friend…has authentic motives, possesses godly character, speaks honestly, shows deep commitment, keeps confidence, is appropriately dependent, and forgives. Do you have any true friends? Are you a true friend to anyone? Jesus exemplifies these characteristics perfectly. As we experience these qualities of a true friend in our relationship with Jesus, the Spirit will be working them into our lives and the friendships we make with other people.

Wisdom on Friendship Part One

All of us have a deep craving for "true" friendship that is implanted by God into each one of us. This past Sunday we looked at how Proverbs defines a true friend - not only who are our friends but also how good of a friend we are.

Bitter Honey & Sweet Water

Human sexuality is like a fire. When a fire is in the fireplace it warms your entire house, but when it leaves the fireplace it burns down everything you hold dear. In Proverbs 5, God, through Solomon, warns of the dangers surrounding our sexuality but also reinforces the beauty of His original design for our sexuality. Becoming wise sexually is crucial to navigating life well.

Wisdom for the Family

Someone once said “Raising kids is part joy and part guerrilla warfare,” and for all of us who are parents, we know this to be true! So the question becomes: how does someone parent in the world that we live in? The wisdom of Proverbs gives us great insight and challenge, as the home is presented as the place where kids are to see and hear what it means to live and to follow Jesus Christ. The proverbs make it clear that kids are walking in “darkness” and are in need of parents who will shine “light” into their lives.

The Path of Proverbs

We are quite sure that we would all recognize that life is hard, while at the same time desiring to live lives that are "pleasing" to the Lord. The question then becomes: how does one do that, Proverbs -- the book filled with wisdom to help those who "fear the Lord" -- provides us with an answer on how to navigate all the complexities and difficulties of this life. Sunday was the beginning of our summer journey through this practical and relevant book.