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John 1 - 8; February 26, 2017 - May 28, 2017

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John 8 - 13; August 27, 2017 - October 29, 2017

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John 14 - 21; January 14, 2018 - Easter, April 1, 2018

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  • Jesus is lord

    April 1, 2018 (Easter)

    In the world we live, information and knowledge is increasing at incredible rates – while we are on a journey seeking truth. The central figure of the Bible and of all human history calls himself the way and the life and the truth. If we follow his story, it includes his life, death and his resurrection. When we place our belief in him, we too will find truth and life! Click here to watch the sermon video.

  • Behold Your King

    March 25, 2018

    In life, we have the innate desire to make room for a king. Someone whom we can look to who is strong and judicious, who will fight for us. Someone who will include us in something larger than ourselves. In John 19, Jesus conquered the deeper battle that we so often overlook. May we look to King Jesus today! Click here to watch the sermon video.

  • What is Truth?

    March 18, 2018

    All of us want to know the truth in every area of our lives because truth leads to peace. There is one area that is the most important to have truth – spiritual truths. This leads to a peace at the level of our souls. In John 18, Pilate puts on trial the one who offers what we ultimately desire... Jesus Christ. He is the Truth who offers Peace. Do we know and embrace this for our lives? Click here to watch the sermon video.

  • Control

    March 11, 2018

    We all crave to be in control of all areas of our lives, including even our spiritual lives. In John 18, we learn that there are some who think they are in control of Jesus, but he is clearly the one who was in control and still is! The question for us is to ask, do we allow him to control our lives? Click here to watch the sermon video.

  • Perfect Unity... Really?

    March 4, 2018

    When Jesus prays for us in the last moments of his life, there is one word that he keeps praying over and over – unity. Of all the things that Jesus could be praying for us in this moment in his life, he prays that the world would know the authenticity of his mission and love by the unity of the Church. Listen to Jesus’ words from John 17 as he prays over us. Click here to watch the sermon video.

  • A Sermon for Pastors

    February 25, 2018

    What should a pastor do? In John 17, Jesus – who is the prototypical shepherd – displays how he took care of his disciples, his immediate flock. He cared for them by preaching the word to them as well as praying fervently for them. This is the job of those who have been called to pastor people. Click here to watch the sermon video.

  • Sorrow To Joy

    February 18, 2018

    All of us in our human condition face sorrow and pain in our lives. The question becomes whether or not we can experience joy in the midst of sorrow? In John 16, Jesus speaks to this topic and says that true fulfilling joy can only come through entering into a relationship with him. Click here to watch the sermon video.

  • Are You Listening?

    February 11, 2018

    In the midst of all the noise of our world, how can you know what God wants to say to you? In John 16:5-15, Jesus describes the work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit speaks to us through the voice of conviction – revealing our need for the gospel – and through the voice of Christlikeness – calling us to make Jesus greater in our lives. But are we listening for the voice of the Holy Spirit? Click here to watch the sermon video.

  • A Hating World

    February 4, 2018

    In John 15 Jesus tells his disciples that they need to be aware that persecution was going to come to them. They would be hated because of their association with Jesus – who was also hated as being the one who was the way, the truth and the life. The question now for us to wrestle with as followers of Jesus Christ is how are we being persecuted for our own association and loyalty to Jesus Christ. Click here to watch the sermon video.

  • Bear Fruit

    January 28, 2018

    In John 15, Jesus teaches that all who are his disciples must bear fruit, which means that there must be something that can be seen in their words and actions.  How does one bear fruit?  The passage goes on to say that the key words to bearing fruit are abiding and pruning. Click here to watch the sermon video.

  • Holy Spirit

    January 21, 2018

    When it comes to the Holy Spirit, there is lots of confusion and misunderstanding – even among Christians. In John 14, Jesus tells his disciples that after he leaves another Helper would be coming that will dwell in them. This is great news that the Holy Spirit – who is fully God – dwells in his people to teach them and remind them of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Click here to watch the sermon video.

  • Heart Trouble

    January 14, 2018

    I am sure that we are all familiar with the acute signs of heart problems, but we also have to be aware of the issues that are not obvious, such as high blood pressure. The same could be said of our spiritual hearts. There are obvious signs when our hearts are troubled, but there is also a “silent killer” that we must be aware of. The key is to understand what we believe and how we are growing in our “believing” of who Jesus Christ is. Click here to watch the sermon video.

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