More COVID-19 Resources

  • emotional/Mental health

    Patience & Perseverance

    Waiting is hard. We instinctively choose the shortest line because we hate to wait. In this short video Pastor Jeff compares our need for patience and perseverance with that of the early church. #GrowTogether

    Four Tips for Your Mental Health

    Dr. Jason Miller & Dr Lynne Guillot-Miller share four tips for your mental health during this time. The tips are simple. The video is short. Yet the benefits can be significant.

    God and the Pandemic

    In this season of global pandemic, there are perplexing questions that confront us as followers of Jesus Christ. This short paper is an answer for people of faith who face a world that is asking about the motives and purposes of God.

    Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

    In times when we don't know where to look, and we feel powerless, Scripture reminds us of God's faithfulness to his people as tells us to "Keep our eyes on him."

  • serve others

    Thank You to Our Front Line Workers

    We've created this short video as an entertaining tribute of thanks to all the front line workers - Riverwood Chapel

    Encouragement for the Church

    How to respond to this crisis with a Christ-centered focus? Constraint and limits help bring clarity to what is essential for gospel growth – the people of God and the word of God. As we react, we should respond biblically (our view of God and his character remains the same regardless of our present circumstance) and respond with eyes looking for Kingdom opportunities to share the good news of the gospel with our neighbors and community.

    Food Pantry Information

    The Food Pantry will be open on Fridays: 10:30 am - 2:00 pm. You can drop off items at Riverwood (west-wing glass doors) from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm weekdays. Click here for a list of suggested items.

  • stay connected at riverwood

    To catch up on previous sermonsCLICK HERE.

    Financial Tips

    Strange times create unique opportunities and challenges. This short video give a few high level tips on finances during a time of pandemic.

    Family Resources

    We are producing resources and activities for families to do together and with their children during this time. You can see these at or contact us.

    Four Things We Do

    There are four things we as a church body are committed to doing during this time. 

    1. Wash your hands
    2. Care for the vulnerable
    3. Walk in faith not fear
    4. Pray
    This is a short tutorial on how to give online through our website ( If you are a regular supporter of Riverwood, and are able, we ask you consider continuing your support through online giving. Thank you for your generosity.

    Despite this present crisis, we encourage you to keep on pursuing Jesus and connecting with one another. Join us for our online services and in smaller groups via Zoom.


    Boundaries Podcasts with Dr. Henry Cloud

    Episodes of The Boundaries Podcast are short and direct stories from highly accomplished people, deconstructing the most important boundaries in their lives. These boundaries enable them to create great work, to help others, and to protect what matters to them most -- their relationships, their time, and their hearts.

    Christian Counseling and Education Foundation

    The aim of CCEF is to consider how caring for people’s souls can be increasingly wise and helpful. On their site you will find resources dealing with many questions related to mental health, parenting, and keeping healthy during this unusual time.

    The Art of Neighboring

    How do we take the opportunity of being home more to minister to our neighbors, and maintain social distancing? The Art of Neighboring has resources for just this time.

    Bless Every Home

    We provide all the tools to get to know your neighbors by name so that you can begin to build relationships with them

    Right Now Media

    A free subscription to biblical teaching video resources from leading Christian publishers and ministries and unlimited access to a library of entertaining and educational Bible-based content just for kids.