Our 2020 Focus

Riverwood Community Chapel was planted in 1991 with a vision of being a community of believers who would worship God and serve the greater Stow-Kent communities. As a church, we understand our calling to be rooted in four priorities:

  1. Pursue Jesus – On Sundays corporately as the church gathered, and every other day in our lives as the church scattered
  2. Grow Together – Knowing that we need to be with each other for the benefit of our spiritual journey
  3. Serve Others – Using the time and talents entrusted to us for greater purposes that benefit others
  4. Make Disciples – Being intentional in how we share and live out the gospel

Three years ago the pastors and elders of Riverwood Chapel spent time prayerfully seeking God to discern his leading for our church over the next five years. As a result the 2020 Focus was created with four areas of priority: Discipleship, Leadership, Outreach and Stewardship. We are now in the midpoint of this incredible five-year journey of faith.

The God that we worship is doing an amazing work in and through his church. Please continue to join us in prayer and action as we continue to follow God’s leading in many areas, but primarily in the ways descried in this 2020 Focus.

In Christ,

Pastor Cole Tawney

January 2018

  • discipleship

    Our focus in these five years will be intentionally growing in Jesus Christ and seeking to produce 30, 60 or 100 times what was sown (see Jesus’ Parable of the Sower).

    This intentional process of growth involves every person…

    • Learning a life of worship, growing trust in the one whom we believe. 
    • Being discipled by another who is speaking into one’s life. 
    • Discipling another and speaking into their life. 
    • Investing in group life, a place of belonging. 
  • leadership

    Over the next five years, we will focus on leadership development in the following ways:

    • Creating necessary structures to develop future ministry leaders
    • Promoting continuing leadership education
    • Creating structures for leadership recognition and accountability
  • outreach

    Over the next five years, our focus for outreach is to see the following:

    • Greater impact on our immediate community and local neighborhoods
    • Initiating involvement in refugee resettlement in partnership with World Relief
    • Increasing awareness of and prayer for the Akkin people of the Caucasus Region
  • stewardship

    Our focus over the next five years will be these three dimensions of stewardship:

    • Individual stewardship of personal finances
    • Corporate stewardship of finances through debt elimination
    • Future stewardship of ministry growth through expanding facilities debt free