Riverwood Student Ministries exists to empower students to be with and go with Jesus. Everything we do together is about discovering who Jesus is and learning how to follow Him. The more we get to know Him, the more our lives will start to look like His and then we will be able to join Him on His mission to change the world. We plan and host regular events and activities to help your students connect with peers and our awesome team of leaders. 

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  • high school MINISTRY (9th - 12th grade)


    9:45 am in the Student Center (Room 119)

    PLACE 2 BE

    Sundays, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm in the Student Center (Room 119)

    Bring yourself and bring your friends for an exciting night of food, games, and time to talk about the biggest topics in life! Don’t miss it!


    Connect in smaller groups to talk about life and Jesus. Click here to find out when and where your group meets

    If you have any questions regarding High School events, feel free to contact Gary Congin.

  • Middle school MINISTRY (5th - 8th Grade)


    5th - 6th Grades | 9:45 am in Room 100

    7th - 8th Grades | 9:45 am in Room 107


    Wednesdays, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm in the IMC (Immeasurably More Center)

    Bring yourself and bring your friends for an exciting night of games, food, and time to talk about the biggest topics in life! Open to all students in 5th - 8th grade. Don’t miss it!

    if you have any questions regarding Middle School events, feel free to contact Josh Miller.

  • 78 Nerf Night

    Friday, February 21

    6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    Junior High students! You gotta be there Friday night, February 21 for a fun night of epic nerf gun battles and pizza. Cost is $3 and registration is open online NOW! Bring your nerf guns (if you own them), darts and safety goggles, and invite your friends.

    Click here to sign up for 78 Nerf Night!

  • HS Lock In

    Friday, February 21 - Saturday, February 22

    7:00 pm - 9:00 am

    Ever wish you had a night with your friends and the whole church building all to yourself? this is your night! There will be games, snacks, and a lot of fun... sleep? We'll see. Cost is $3. Invite your friends!! Last day to sign up is Wednesday, February 19.

    Click here to sign up for HS Lock In!

  • MS Hobby Night

    Wednesday, February 26

    6:30 pm - 8:00 pm | Immeasurably More Center

    Express yourself by sharing with others what you enjoy the most. If you are into a sport, bring something that represents that! If you collect something, bring it! If you love video games, bring something to show that! Let’s show each other our individuality, but also find things we have in common. There will be games, food, and prizes will be given out for various hobby categories. Invite your friends!

  • High school & Adult Trip: DR

    Trip: June 27 - July 4
 | Application Due: March 1

    Riverwood has an ongoing partnership with several local pastors who serve together as part of Del Rey Ministries. We will be staying at MGM, a missions agency located in Hato Mayor. We anticipate that each day our team will travel to a village in the sugar cane fields of central Dominican Republic, where we will host a clinic and a Vacation Bible School activity for children from the village, or other similar activities. Each evening we will return to MGM, where we will debrief the day and prepare for the next day’s activities. In addition to this missions work, we will also attend a local church service on Sunday and spend a day experiencing the Dominican culture.

    Who can participate: adults and high school students.

    For more information or to apply to join the DR Team, click here.

    Last day to apply for the trip is Sunday, March 1.

  • Jr High & Adult Trip: Project Shine

    Trip: June 21 - June 26 | Application Due: March 1

    For the fifth summer in a row, Riverwood will be partnering with Project Shine for our junior high mission trip. Project Shine is a local missions opportunity that focuses on serving the Kenmore community through basic home repairs, exterior painting, and yard work. Throughout the week, participants spend time studying the Bible and worshipping together. In addition to serving, we will also spend a day at a water park.

    Who can participate:

    • Students who have completed grades 7-8 by June 2020 can apply as a student on the trip. Students are expected to be at Project Shine for the entire week.
    • Adults can serve during the Project Shine week for a single day, or up to the entire week as Adult Leaders. Single day adult volunteer opportunities include crew leader, driver/gopher, and food service.
    • Parents who would like to participate in the trip can do so provided they are willing to function as adult leaders on the trip.

    For more information or to apply to join the Project Shine Team, click here.

    Last day to apply for the trip is Sunday, March 1.

  • 78 Kalahari

    Friday, March 6 - March 7

    5:45 pm Friday - 8:00 pm Saturday

    Junior High Students - Join us for an overnight trip to Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio! Kalahari is one of America's largest indoor water parks and is guaranteed to not disappoint. It will be an amazing weekend of hair raising water slides, fun time together, and a chance to reconnect with God. The cost of the trip is $100 and registration closes on March 1.

    Click here to sign up for 78 Kalahari! (Last day to sign up is March 1.)

  • HS Hockey Night

    Friday, March 6

    Beginning at 6:00 pm | Meeting at Riverwood

    Join us at the rink for a Cleveland Monsters game! It's also $1 soda and $2 hot dog night. We'll meet at Riverwood at 6:00 pm and head to the game which starts at 7:00 pm. We'll return to Riverwood when the game is over. Cost is $18. Invite your friends!

    Click here to sign up for HS Hockey Night! (Last day to purchase a ticket is Wednesday, March 4.)

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