Searching - Advent through the eyes of the prophet Isaiah

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  • Imagine (Isaiah 65)

    December 30, 2018

    In Isaiah 65 the prophet asks us to imagine the new heaven and new earth. It is also a challenge to behold and reflect the glory of God now, in anticipation of Christ's return and setting all things right.

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  • LOVE (Isaiah 9)

    December 23, 2018

    Although the word "love" never appears in Isaiah 53. This chapter may be one of the most significant in all the Old Testament in describing the depth of God's love for people.

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  • Joy (Isaiah 35)

    December 16, 2018
    Isaiah uses common images to paint a picture of coming joy for a people in exile. The desert will bloom, the deer will leap, there will be a highway that is straight and safe. These same images are used by the gospel writers as they chronicle the life and ministry of Jesus, and we (as people of exile) can experience his joy.

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  • PEACE (Isaiah 42)

    December 9, 2018

    In the first of four Servant Songs, the prophet speaks to an exiled, bruised and discouraged people letting them know that: behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I declare. He says that in the midst of a world that can be so dark and unjust, there is one who is coming will establish justice to the ends of the earth. And because the word of God (Jesus)  became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood of a humanity exiled by sin and injustice, it's time to tell the neighbors: there's a new reality here. The Prince of PEACE is on the scene.

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  • Hope (Isaiah 1)

    December 2, 2018

    We begin a new series for Advent season called Searching -- looking at Advent through the Prophet Isaiah.  His words spoken 2,700 years ago are relevant for us as we are searching for deep meaning and answers to life.  We began on the first week seeking what is true HOPE.

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