Giving shows that we put our trust in God and his provision, not our own perceived ability to provide. It’s also a recognition that he has given much to us and we are willing to reciprocate his generosity. Whether you give offerings during service or choose to make recurring gifts online, know that when you support Riverwood, you’re faithfully proclaiming the gospel.

While the idea of tithing (giving 10% of your income) can seem intimidating, the Bible explains that God promises to bless us for our obedience in giving. You will never out-give God. It doesn’t matter how much or how little we make; tithing is about trusting in the Lord and furthering his purpose here on Earth.

Beyond supporting the ministry of Riverwood, your giving helps people and organizations across the globe who provide tangible and spiritual help to those who need it. We feel a deep sense of responsibility to make a difference locally and globally, both spiritually and to drive social justice.


Giving from Sunday, September 9

  • General and Missionaries: $18,096
  • Outreach - Global & Local: $532
  • Building (Immeasurably More Campaign): $14,455

(Click here to view our 2017 Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

Questions? Contact Cindy Bowser at 330.678.7000 ext 101 or


You can give via ACH transaction. When you click submit, you will receive confirmation of this donation that you can print. Year-end giving statements will include online donations.  

Click here to launch the Online Giving Tool.


If you are already in the Riverwood database for giving, you will be able to set up recurring giving and view your giving statements. If you are not in our database and would like to be, please contact Cindy Bowser at 330.678.7000 ext 101 or

Click here to log in to your giving portal.


If you wish to give via text, please email Cindy Bowser ( with the mobile phone number and email address you will use. You will receive a reply with specific text giving instructions.


Donating gifts of stocks and securities will allow you to transfer your donation without certain tax withdrawals allowing you a larger donation than selling the stocks/securities and then donated the cash proceeds. For specific instructions, contact Cindy Bowser at 330.678.7000 ext 101 or or have your broker contact her.