To Become A Member

To become a member of Riverwood Chapel a person must complete Discover Riverwood - this three-week class covers our priorities, structures, and beliefs; and a one-week Membership Module. These classes are offered throughout the year on four consecutive Sundays or one combined Saturday morning.

Membership in a local church is a formal act of affiliation. By becoming a member of Riverwood a person aligns themselves with our beliefs, attitudes, leadership, and mission. Of course someone can align themselves without becoming a member, and many choose to do so. Membership is, however, an additional step.

By becoming a member a person aligns themselves with Riverwood on a deeper level. As part of the process of membership a person covenants themselves to certain beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. A member commits to Riverwood in gathering, giving, prayer, and service. By becoming a member a person is not only committing to these actions and attitudes, but they are also saying that they have become the spiritual responsibility of this local church. They are also saying they take responsibility for the health of this local church themselves.

Our Members Directory

Riverwood offers an online directory for our families who regularly attend. In order to view the directory a username and password must be established by you then approved by the Riverwood office. You will receive an email upon approval.

Please note that this directory is for personal use only and must not be used for business or solicitation purposes.

Click here to view the directory or to request permission to view.